Transatlantic Division (CETAD) Support

U.S. Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Data Analysis

Agile Group provided data analysis and support services. We applied administrative support that streamlined communication, and utilized software to assess and organize data.

Scheduling Support

We applied milestone management to signal anchors within the project for review, planned and led daily schedule status review meetings, and managed project times and budgets.

Performance Dashboarding

We used data visualization to report on metrics and KPIs. Our team validated and integrated raw data into reports, and presented findings.

Report Design & Development

We applied our expertise with USACE’s PROMIS (P2) system and databases to gather project requirements, then developed Business Objects Web Intelligence reports.

Agile Group used state-of-the-art technology to provide project management and controls and deployment services to a USACE senior level program office. We applied technical, supervisory and administrative support that ensured the expeditious accomplishment of work, and utilized GOTS software to assess raw data and transfer to Excel spreadsheets for organizing programs with proper resource allocation.

As part of this project, we created customized data search, retrieval and report capabilities utilizing USACE and DoD Automated Information Systems. This provided USACE managers and Project Delivery Teams, located globally, with real-time data available for consumption in a multitude of reporting streams.

We retain a deep relationship working with local, state and U.S. Federal governments, including US Army Corps of Engineers and Customs and Border Protection.

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