Strategic Communications

US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP)

Communication Strategy

Agile Group created a strategic communication plan for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Program Management Office (PMO), expertly delineating lines of communication, standardizing branch response and messaging, and aligning organizational priorities.

Strategic Planning and Execution

We assisted CBP in meeting the requirements necessary to comply with congressional directives, by building CBP an environmental plan for the fiscal year. Milestones ensured their projects adhered to regulatory laws and organizational stipulations.

Public Affairs and Community Outreach

We led direct-contact outreach communications by engaging various stakeholders, creating insights that allowed CBP to directly address concerns in a more personalized, effective manner.

Content Creation

We helped develop high-profile visual aids which interactively display project information on various platforms for a variety of stakeholders. Through this interactive system, CBP can now help stakeholders better understand pending and in-progress projects.

Successful communication engages the audience with a spot-on message via their preferred medium and at the ideal time and frequency. For this project, Agile Group delivered a strategic communications plan for CBP. We also developed a comprehensive marketing campaign that improved attendance for USACE project management training, ultimately increasing annual attendance by 20%.

Agile Group expertly facilitated over two hundred meetings per month for CBP by creating agendas, talking points, minutes and follow-on tasks. Agile also provided direct support for senior leadership in prioritizing tasks and monitoring program risks. Our strategic planning efforts allowed the client to assure their leadership team that their needs for compliance were being met, after which CBP reported incremental progress.

Our PR and outreach efforts for this project included submissions to both newspapers and print advertisements, media advisories and website updates, strategic ads, and calculated impressions through various online media sources. Informing the public on current and upcoming projects is a crucial function of CBP. Further to our interactive visual aid system, we developed online webinars, which actively engage stakeholders by soliciting their input, questions, and concerns.

We retain a deep strategic communications experience working with CBP and USACE.

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