Central City Program (CCP) Collaboration Portal

Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA)

Collect and Organize

Agile Group delivered data analysis and prioritization of critical project solutions, while systematically distributing collective information and results to a wide breadth of stakeholders.

Develop & Deploy

We designed a unique, collaborative system to catalog and organize information for user identification portals utilizing SQL databases. We produced reports on end-user usage and document ownership.


We created training materials and delivered a series of comprehensive instructor-led webinars and onsite classroom sessions for the TRVA CCP portal training program.


We implemented project communication with all parties, maintaining project documents including correspondence while continually updating the collaboration portal.

For this project, Agile Group developed communication systems and standard operating procedures, and cataloged and created searchable documentation for all project parties, allowing easy retrieval of critical documents.

Diving into the technical requirements, we received encrypted data transfers and created SLAs to mitigate customer liability during unforeseen outages. Our process required us to establish security models for identification and authorization utilizing embedded services and high-level access.

We retain a deep relationship working with local, state and U.S. Federal governments, including US Army Corps of Engineers and Customs and Border Protection.

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