Corps Business Execution Status Tracker (CBEST)

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)


Agile Group identified high-level USACE business goals, then outlined program and project needs. We storyboarded CBEST for stakeholder approval.

Design & Development

After receiving approvals from USACE leadership, we designed and produced a four-stage release schedule of concept, pilot, working, and final releases.

Testing & Training

We designed and executed beta testing with a wide breadth of functional testers, captured bugs, identified areas for improvement, and implemented solutions.


We then developed a comprehensive Program of Instruction to train over 150 end users and 50 project stakeholders, for which we employed classroom events and webinars.

For this project, Agile Group addressed the key business requirements and goals to inform the strategy and functional requirements. We established goals including reliability, scalability, security and integration to support the high level of user interface accessibility required.

We successfully rolled out a fully-vetted, bug-free Corps Business Execution Status Tracker (CBEST) tool to end users in support of a 900-person, $1.5B dollar USACE District. This spanned a controlled and phased deployment period of one month. We carefully tracked user experiences through in-depth satisfaction surveys and made updates to the CBEST tool through a follow-on maintenance phase. CBEST was piloted at the USACE Omaha District, and is slated for USACE Enterprise-wide deployment.

We retain a deep relationship working with the U.S. Federal Government, including Customs and Border Protection and USACE.

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