AP BusinessObjects™ Report Design and Development

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Query Design

Agile Group designed multifaceted queries and comprehensive reports using a multitude of BOXI features to multiple, combined and sub-queries. We used complex filters and prompted parameters for documents to satisfy disparate audiences.

Report Design

We ensured flexibility was incorporated into the Report Design phase to provide a wide-ranging view of reports. We utilized complex variable techniques and dynamic conditional formatting to highlight specific business targets.


We leveraged the marketing team to ensure a seamless deployment of over 100 BOXI reports. Our team created a portal structure with report descriptions to ensure end users were informed of report intent and stated outcomes.


We maintained a wide variety of functionally dispersed reports, across multiple Government branches. We audited the reports quarterly by reviewing data elements, report formats, graphics, and scorecard indicators, to ensure accuracy and user satisfaction.

For this project, Agile Group collaborated with Government teams to identify and define all report requirements. We evaluated and crosswalked these requirements with available Enterprise Data Warehouse BOXI Universes for the best solutions.

We were able to identify field names and create crosswalk tables to verify report data and assist the customer in validating requirements for reports based on data elements, report formats, graphics and scorecard indicators. We identified critical decisions, as well as the data and graphics to support stakeholders and owners. Agile Group provided office hours for the Government teams during the entire deployment phase to ensure thorough and ample support was provided.

We retain a deep relationship from our experience working with the U.S. Federal Government, including Customs and Border Protection and USACE.

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