Project and Program Management Help Desk

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)


Agile Group provided expert technical assistance by creating over 400 knowledge-based solutions as remedies for all customer submitted help desk tickets.


Help desk specialists were certified by the Help Desk Institute. Specialists were additionally trained in negotiation and customer-resolution tactics to manage conflicts.

Ticket Resolution

Specialists followed a standardized process we created for ticket resolution to help rank, categorize, diagnose, investigate, escalate if necessary, and resolve issues.

Performance Management

All help desk statistics were captured and reported. Available 24/7 real-time in desktop and mobile versions, the ticketing performance dashboard was a thorough and easily accessed tool.

At the start of this project, Agile Group created the entire solutions database from scratch. Each solution came complete with a script for the help desk specialists to utilize, as well as detailed instructions regarding resolution steps, and the identified systems and software that impacted the issue and end-user objectives.

These solutions were captured in an easily searchable SharePoint portal. The highly trained and certified help desk specialists were further armed with a knowledge base of known solutions, and aptly trained to address tickets that fall outside of captured solutions.

We retain a deep relationship working with the U.S. Federal Government, including Customs and Border Protection and USACE.

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